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Google Warns Webmasters

Mobile usability is  affecting your website’s SEO! 

Will your website pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important services I provide. Essentially it is the art and science of making sure your web site comes up at the top of the first page of any web search, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, or one of the smaller search engines. Anyone can have a great website with all the “bells and whistles,”  but if no one is calling or buying, you have a problem. We have a proven track record of successful SEO work that has increased website traffic and sales for multi-million dollar companies throughout Massachusetts. I can teach you the principles of search engine optimization or undertake the process on your behalf. Either way, SEO will drive pre-qualified paying customers to your web site.

  • Keyword Research – Find the keywords for which you want to be listed. This is a very important step. The first keywords that you think of might not be the best keywords that lead to the most sales
  • Search Engine Optimization – Optimize your web pages using keyword density analysis, to make sure that search engines can index your web pages and make sure that they index your web pages for the right keywords.
  • Submit Your Website – Using powerful software, help you to submit your website to search engines, Internet directories and special interest sites
  • Link Building – The links to your website are one of the most important factors for high search engine rankings.
  • Track The Results – Check your search engine positions to verify that you have reached your SEO goals. With software, I can can check several search engines for all your keywords at once. I can track the progress of your search engine rankings over time.
  • Research Your Competitors – Analyzing the SEO campaigns of your competitors can help you to get new ideas for your own search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Provide Quantifiable Data – I will provide detailed reports on all of the above proving that my Search Engine Optimization Techniques are successful.
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Training – I can teach you all of the above Search Engine Optimization Techniques using the software used by myself, and other companies such as Ebay, LEXMARK, Canon, T-Mobile.


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Get the Search Engine Traffic Your Competitors are Getting!


The Search Engine Optimization  SEO Process 


I will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve high rankings for your target keywords.

By identifying and analyzing the top ranked pages of your competitors and comparing these pages to yours. I can show you why these pages are ranking and your pages are not. I will provide a detailed written report outlining the course of action that should be taken specific to your chosen keywords, webpage and target search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I will not provide you with useless general advice nor take a one size fits all approach. My recommendations are specifically tailored to your target keywords, web pages and the search engine you have selected.

By analyzing your competitor’s web pages that already have top 10 rankings on for example Google,  for your target keywords I can tell you what these pages have in common and learn exactly what needs to be done to your web pages to beat your competitor’s

Many of my clients have mistakenly damaged their own rankings and decreased traffic to their own websites by not implementing a SEO campaign correctly or by hiring web design companies with no knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Massachusetts, Attleboro MA

Google Warns Webmasters! Did Google Send You The Email Above?

Google Warns Webmasters

Mobile usability is affecting your website’s SEO!

Google has started sending warnings via email to webmasters whose websites are not mobile friendly. Basically if your website is not mobile-friendly it will not rank well on searches done on mobile devices. You can see a copy of the warning message bellow.

Does Your Website Pass Google’s Test?

Google’s tool will enable you to check if your website is mobile-friendly. You can check your website’s mobile responsiveness with Google’s tool below. Websites that pass the mobile friendly test will be labeled with “mobile-friendly” on Google’s search results pages for mobile devices.

What if my Website Fails The Test?

If your website fails Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test you need to fix the design of your website in order for it to display properly on mobile devices and rank well on Google searches from mobile devices. Call me today for a FREE Consultation. I can help you.




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